Looming Void

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What can you look forward to? The newsletter’s title gives it away. Each Monday, thinking as a writer peering into the void of death, I’ll reflect on and sum up three aspects of my private journals over the previous Monday to Sunday: the 10,000 minutes of my work (and life) week, my facing down of Monsters (our climate crisis within the Anthropocene Era), and my reckoning with my mortality. If that long sentence sounds portentous and gloomy, that’s not the vibe I anticipate. This public journal is my incandescent spark, my daily motivation written down.

For a better idea of why I kicked off Looming Void, read the very first post, dated Monday, November 13, 2023.

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A writer's public journal, a 2023-2040 legacy for grandchildren, a response to the exigencies of age and the Anthropocene.


Andres Kabel

Writer: history (technology), environment, and crime fiction. Blogger. Reviewer. Ex-actuary (for my sins). Grandfather. Rational humanist. Extinction Rebellion arrestee.